Friday, 13 July 2012

illness sucks!

Last week was going to be a very active week......

Sadly, it ended up being more stuck in doors then I like. We were supposed to be travelling to London Coliseum (B.Brittens' 'Billy Budd') and to Margate Theatre Royal (Shakespeare 'As you like it').Unfortunately illness struck as I was rushed to hospital from work with chronic stomach issues. I’m now on antibiotics (yorn and grrrr!) but am feeling a lot better - if slightly disgruntled that I missed two shows that I had been looking forward to for a long time.

On the up side, my wonderful wife Bekah has been amazing and has kept me smiling and laughing. She has also bought me tickets to The Rose Theatre in Kingston to see 'Mort' the musical just before my birthday. I am a Terry Pratchett fan and a musical fan....but in all honesty I cant quite imagine the two together, but we shall give it a go :-)

I have tomorrow off so I will be spending the day plotting a plan as to how I can take over the world.....or at least build a larger blog base :-) I will also start writing a long awaited review about my favourite this space


  1. :-) Terry Pratchett and musicals go together like cheese and chocolate! Or like chocolate spread and grapes. Trust me, at the very least it will be interesting. Plus your silly pregnant wife accidentally booked the really expensive good seats, so there's that at least...

    1. Not Silly....My 'amazing' pregnant wife :-)