Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Jesus Christ’s everywhere at the mo!

There is no doubting that this month has been filled to the brim with talk of Andrew ‘Lord’ Lloyd Webber’s JCSS in our Family. My sisters and brother in laws were the masterminds behind a youth production of this show in Ealing (South West London) a few weeks ago. The show was put on to help raise as much funding as possible to put towards the costs of the casts mission to go on church youth pilgrimage to Brazil next year. The cast was made up of church youth from all over London, many of whom had never been on stage or were completing their first musical. It was a invigorating challenge for a group with no budget and no previous experience of producing a musical on there own, but there was a ‘never say die’ momentum about the production, nothing could stop them creating a fantastic show.

As with all shows there was a great deal of discussion between everyone during the build up to the four days of shows. There was a significant push of energy during the shows themselves which was swiftly followed by gleeful celebrations at the success of the production. Now comes the usual enhanced and mournful reality check as the shows have come to close. The place was packed every night and the figure they raised was far beyond all expectations.

High light of the show was a close call between the bellowing low notes from Caiaphas (wish I could hit low notes like that!) and Herod’s ‘You are the Christ’ which received the loudest and biggest round of applause of the show. Despite mic issues, some doggy am-dram vocals at times (and a small group of unruly cast members), I was extremely proud of them (they were at least 10 times better than the original 70’s movie version!). Here’s hoping this isn’t the last show they do (And I hope I’ll be in a position where I can help more)

So, why else is JCSS so big at the mo? Well, it’s all about the random mix of Mel ‘spice girl’ C, Tim ‘Matilda’ Minchin and Chris ‘he’s the savoir’ Moyle’s, a future stadium tour, and a need to find a Jesus. ITV’s Superstar has kept the household entertained for the last few days. Over the next week the final 11 contestants will be whittled down by public and ‘Lord’ vote to find out who will be Jesus. In all honesty the viewing figures so far for the show have been slow rising and low and I really wish the show would use less religious innuendos (loosing contestants who go into the light…..really?!). Despite this, the show has continued to impress with some great male singers who are all fantastic prospects for the future of the west end.

Who are our favourites I hear you cry? Well, Nathan has a great tone and Is my personal favourite – reminds me of a 1970s – 1980s rocker so even if he doesn’t win he would be amazing on Rock of Ages or We Will Rock You. Roger has past experience in theatre (he was Simba in Lion King!) and his acting and vocal skills really do shine. But we think the public will choose Rory and we have no doubts he would make a great Jesus and work brilliantly with Mr Minchin as Judas.

Well, to finish this blog, here is my new favourite clip! A former Herod who made me smile (Te he I couldnt find it, but in the scene before this there is a bald guy that looks like Voldamort :-)


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